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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Changes in Annual Spending of a U.K School.

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The charts give present (better word) information about expenditure of a school in the UK by five different categories (insurance, other worker salaries, resources, furniture and equipment and teacher`s salary) (do not use brackets in the exam. Write only one information – five different categories OR names of each category) in 1981, in 1991 and 2001.

Overall, teacher’s salaries were cited as the largest proportion of all expenses, while spending on insurance had the least proportion.

If we look at the data in details (of course you will. don’t write this.), the school spent on teacher’s salaries 40 percent of all the total/ entire budget in 1881, 1981, . This figure rose slightly to 50 percent in 1991, and fell to 45 percent in 2001. In 1881, 1981 other worker`s salaries, the second most largest source of expenditure in the same year, accounted for 28 percent of all spending and it gradually declined through out the period. (reading wrong data will reduce your bands.)

The school spent on furniture and equipment, (need a comma here) and the resources the same amount of money in 1981. After 1981, money spent on furniture and equipment dropped dramatically (main feature) to 5 percent of all spending and noticeably rose in 2001. Money spent on insurance, gradually (wrong main feature) increased over the 20-year period, accounted for 2 percent of all expenses in the beginning and 8 percent at the end of the time-span.  (The money spent on insurance increased gradually from 2 percent in 1981 to 3 percent in 1991 and then rose drastically to 8 percent of total expenses in 2001.)

Wrong number reading and not identifying the main feature correctly will cost you bands. 6.5 overall. Could score 7.0 if you had not made these mistakes.

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