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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Sales of Different Types of Books – 1.

The chart below shows the changes in sales of four different types of books from 2002 to 2012.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

Write at least 150 words.

book sales IELTS


The bar chart illustrates the number of books sold in four different categories between 2002 and 2012. (Perfect!)

Overall, it is clear that history books accounted for were the most popular types of books, while books on hobbies witnessed the least amount of sales by far in this period. (The word sales includes the amount.)

To begin (You’ve already begun with introduction), history books started (the books never started) at around 5000 copies, gradually dramatically increased to approximately just over 10,000 copies, which was the peak level in 2008 in this category. (The sale of history books dramatically increased from about 5000 copies in 2002 to more than 10000 copies in 2008.) Although it (this pronoun refers to history books, but it should refer to “sale of history books”) fell down to about 9000 copies in 2010, it went up to slightly under 10,000 copies during 2012. (All issues of this paragraph can be sorted by choosing the correct SUBJECT: Sale of history books.)

In 2002, books based on hobbies experienced a sale number of around 500 copies in 2002, and then rose marginally to slightly to reach a peak of under 1000 copies in 2004. Following this peak level in 2004, it (this pronoun again refers to books based on hobbies and not a sale.) dropped dramatically to nearly 100 copies in 2006 and remained at the same level steadily for the rest of the period.

Art books’ sales, with nearly 2000 copies, ranked as second in 2002 among the other types, with nearly 2000 copies and these increased gradually to just over 4000 copies in 2012. Likewise, in 2002, sales of books written on entertainment began with nearly 1900 copies, marginally under the start level of art books, and saw a marginal rise despite some minor fluctuations in this period.

Issue: Please choose the subject of the sentence accurately. Sentence structure also needs improvement. Please note that when you have a data as well as trend (main feature), please write the main feature in the main sentence and data as a modifier.

Example: “The sale of art books, with nearly 2000 copies (data), ranked second (main feature) in 2002 among all types.”

Example: “Sachin Tendulkar, who scored more than 18000 runs (data), is the highest scoring cricketer (main feature) in the world.”

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