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IELTS Answer Correction: Leisure Activities in Australia – 3.

The bar chart below shows the percentage of children from 5 to 14 years of age in selected leisure activities in Australia.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.20.09 PM


The given bar chart illustrates the percentage of participation (participation of whom?) in some leisure activities by 5 to 14 year (did an age group participate in leisure activities?) old in Australia.

The given bar chart illustrates the percentage of boys and girls between age groups 5 and 14 years participating in five types (some) leisure activities in Australia.

The given bar chart illustrates participation of boys and girls (children of both genders) between age groups 5 and 14 years in five types (some) leisure activities in Australia.

Overall, boys participate more in outdoor activities and computer games while girls are more engaged in art and craft work. Another noticeable trend is that Both genders are mostly interested to watch in watching TV television and videos (can’t read videos in the question) rather than any other co-curricular activities.

(Although X, Y – X and Y should have comparable subjects. X’s subject is watching TV, Y’s subject is boys.Although watching TV, is the most popular activity among both genders with a 100 percent participation , boys also prefer to spend their free time by playing computer games which account for about 80 percent (computer games do not account for 80 percent) as opposed to girls with only 60 percent. Although 100 percent of both genders indulge in watching television, about 80 percent boys and 60 percent girls prefer playing computer games.

Moreover, boys are more interested in outdoor activities such as skating and riding a bike than their female counterparts with around 40 and 70 percent (percentage of boys, not girls) respectively.

Considering indoor activity such as art and crafts, girls are more interested into it (it refers to an indoor activity, not art and craft.) with around 55 percent of participants as compared to boys which account only 30 percent.

The structuring of your paragraphs is not clear. Please follow a CLEAR structure as given in the SAMPLE ANSWER.

Bands = 6.0 to 6.5.

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