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IELTS Essay Correction: One Big Traffic Jam – 1.

traffic jams IELTS PTE

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Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world are now ‘One big traffic jam’. How true do you think the statement is? What measures can the government take to discourage people from using the cars?

40 minutes, 250 words.

Transportation is a frequently asked topic in the IELTS exam. Here are a few related topics.

  1. Own cars to commute.
  2. Traffic jams and congestion.
  3. Modern modes of transport.


In the last 30 years, globally, private vehicles have seen a serge tremendous surge (collocation) in numbers in most of the cities which is no less than one big has resulted in traffic jams across the world (purchasing of cars is not same as traffic jam. There is a CAUSE-EFFECT relationship). I agree with the statement and feel that proper measures from the governments such as levying hefty taxes and upgrading public transport is the solution to curb the pressing problem (collocation) of incessant traffic jam (nice collocation)(Good job!)

Agreeably, private cars have dramatically increased on the roads. Improved life style and handsome salaries are making it possible to afford luxuries such as a car cars. Now, people wish to have their own transport which offers a comfortable ride. Since per capital income has increased drastically in almost all countries (maintain context – world), automobile industry, knowingly, takes advantage of it and launchs one offer after another to lure a customer. A recent survey, for example, (this is a connecting device) has revealed that the car ownership, in the last (which ten years?) ten years, has jumped to 300 percent in all metro cities.

Although, the situation apparently is dreadful, a proper legislation from the government can drastically transform the scenario. For instance, (This is not an example. This is a solution) Closely monitoring families who buy more than one car and imposing hefty tax on second vehicle purchase could be a way to alleviate the complication problem/ menace. Singapore has given a world class example by making it compulsory to buy one car on one identity card (It seems as if anyone with an identity card must purchase a car. Singapore. for instance, has set an exmple in reducing traffic jams not only by investing billions of dollars in its public transport infrastructure but also by enacting a legislation that allows only one personal vehicle in a family.). Similarly, an improvements in the public transport (public transport improvements) such as (such as exemplifies the word it is linked to. Here it exemplifies public transport. not improvements.) quick shuttle service and bus stations at short duration for the commuters convenience are sure to make roads free of private cars.

To recapitulate, although, personal cars have fueled the traffic problem, I feel, certain strict laws and regulations to curb the depressing problem of stagnant jam will ease the situations.

Well done. Most of the corrections above are in fact improvements. Bands = 7.0.

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