IELTS Cue Card January 2018: A Major River in Your Country.

A major river IELTS.jpg

Image courtesy: Pexels

Talk about a major river in your country. Please say

– Describe the river.
– Where is it located?
– Why is it important for your country?


Let me present an answer that suits candidates from almost all countries of the world. This answer can be suitably designed for Ganga, Volga, Yangtse, Indus, Potomac, Mississippi, Lawrence, and Amazon. Here we go!

India (your country) has several major rivers (colocation) and hundreds of minor ones. The longest river in my country is Ganga which (cohesion) flows through more than five states (provinces) in the northern part of the country. It (cohesion) starts from the Himalayas and flows into the Bay of Bengal. 

This (cohesion) river is the lifeline of millions of citizens of my country. Not only (cohesion) does it (cohesion) supports farmers through irrigation canals and aquaculture (fishing), but also helps (note parallelism) smooth business operations (collocation) by acting as a navigation (transport) system (collocation). Moreover (cohesion), it (cohesion) is a sacred river (collocation) of the Hindus and they (cohesion) perform various rituals (collocation) on the banks of the river. Thus (cohesion), the river has both economic and cultural significance (collocation).

Note: The paragraphs are concisely delivered, have strong cohesion and collocation, and have numerous ideas.

Follow-up Questions:

  1. What are interesting activities around the river area?
  2. What do you think about the commercialization of the ocean or rivers?
  3. Should we be concerned about river pollution?
  4. How can river pollution be effectively eliminated?

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