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IELTS Essay Correction: Cooking at Home VS Fast Food – 4.

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Some people believe that cooking at home is a waste of time. They feel it is better to buy fast food which is more convenient and less stressful in modern life. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through the SAMPLE ANSWER as well.


There have been discussions centred on cooking whether eating/ consuming fast food is better than cooking at home (jump to the topic statement). Some people feel that there are benefits of having food from eateries since the process of cooking is tedious and stressful. This essay agrees I agree with (The question is: Give YOUR opinion. Not Essay’s opinion) this view because this habit can save people’s time and money.

Eating food from restaurants helps people saving save their precious time. People nowadays have left meager little (meagre is usually used for things that are physical in nature. for instance: money, harvest, etc.) time after their juggle long work schedule and if they do cook at home, they hardly get any time for other purposes. In such scenario, convenient foods help people finding find time for exercise, socialising socialize with friends and spend time activities with children (Parallelism: Convenient foods help people in 3 things – 1. Find 2. Socialize 3. Spend. All three are verbs. If all are not verbs, it will violate parallelism rules. Please discuss with me, if needed.). In this fast paced world, it is mandatory to have sufficient personal time to enhance relationship with people around. Moreover, people who pursue education and career, for example, cannot concentrate on their tasks if they involve in arduous food preparation at home. (The last two sentences are fine. However, to score higher bands, please create an example. For instance: For example, a recent survey revealed that the young generation saves at least two hours in purchasing vegetables and cooking food by consuming fast food at restaurants. They spend this time more productively in enhancing their work performance and meeting friends and family.)

In addition to the above, the food budget of the a family can be saved with the consumption of fast food. This is due to the fact that instant foods are economically cheap and easily accessible. Therefore, customers no longer need to drive for far distance to purchase them reach. In order to perform cooking cook at home, on the other hand, one has to go to different places in order to obtain essential supplies such as vegetables, rice, and meat to name but a few and this in turn costs a lion’s share from one’s savings of one’s income. This expense can be better used for other important areas such as education and healthcare.

To conclude, cooking is indeed a effortful and time-consuming job. Hence, it can be agreed that (you have already agreed to this.) people can enjoy fast food rather than rely on self preparation at home because it helps in saving people’s time and money.

A better conclusion can be written by writing one sentence on just home food (pros and cons) and another on fast food (pros only): In conclusion, though cooking at home helps prepare more nutritious and hygenic food, it is a time consuming process and involves a lot of stress. Eating fast food not only saves time but also money.

A well-written essay. Most importantly, the ideas can be better developed. There is scope for grammar improvement as well. Structuring is fine. Bands = 6.5 to 7.0.

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