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IELTS Essay Correction: Advertisements And Effects of Consumerism.

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Companies spend millions each year on advertising online in magazines and on billboards. These advertisements can encourage people to buy things that they do not need. What are the positive and negative side effects of consumerism?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


There is no doubt that companies invest a vast amount of money to promote their products by advertising on TV, television, online, the internet, magazines, and so on to  improve their sales. However, with the due to influence of such adverts, advertisements consumers tend to purchase unnecessary products many times, and this consequently leading leads to consumerism. This has both positive effects such as social development and negative aspects namely environmental degradation.

One of the advantages of advertisements and consumerism is social development. In a consumeristic society, customers have access to their needs effortlessly as rival companies strive hard to sustain the market economy by not only producing and launching high quality products but also constantly updating about them through  internet, magazines and TV advertisements which enable customers to have many alternatives to choose from. For instance, constant popping of adverts broadcasting of products of various companies such as Ebay, Mirraw and Shein on TV and laptop help me to compare the quality and price of their products before make an order. As a result, in a society high in consumerism, social status of people significantly improves. (Arguments are well developed. Good job!)

In contrast, consumerism leads to environmental degradation since people are more likely to throw away the purchased goods once they find them no longer interesting. Specifically, in a society high in on consumerism (in a consumerist society), advertisements not only compel the target audience to purchase the new services and products which are unnecessary, but also, force them to dispose products very frequently than reuse instead of (rather than) reusing them. As a result, nowadays, thrown away the culture of disposing items is alarmingly increasing which aggravates the accumulation of degradable non-biodegradable products such as plastics, metals, and other radio-active materials. For example, the issue of disposable culture (the culture is not disposable) extremely high waste disposal in Western countries has grown in significance over the last decades due their affordability and easy availability of products coupled with gimmicks of advertisements. This suggests that the more the availability of products, the worse the impact on environment. (the arguments could have been better developed.)

In conclusion, advertisements help companies to boost their sales and attract the customers. Even though they assist the society to select the best products and services, unfortunately, negative ramification on environment can not be overlooked.

Excellent attempt! Bands = 7.0

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