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IELTS Essay Correction: Friends Through Social Media – 3.

friends social media IELTS PTE

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Many people make friends through social sites and chatroom. Others believe that it is not good idea to make friends without meeting them face to face. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and revelant examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


With the emergence of social media and the internet, youngsters spend more time on social networking websites for making friends. Although, many people believe in make making friends only after a few personal interactions, I strongly believe in make making friends (intiating/ building/ forging/ creating friendships – avoid word repetition “make”) online since it is not only convenient but also easy to develop friendship between people of diverse backgrounds. (perfect parallelism! A well-written introduction.)

Nowadays, social networking sites provide chatroom for interaction and people do not need to go anywhere to communicate. They can always stay connected with their friends and relatives even in their bedroom within a seconds (they can connect within seconds, but not stay connected.). Moreover, websites such as youtube, gmail, facebook, whatsapp provide this privilege of interaction. (Merge the two sentences: They can stay connected with their friends at home or in office using websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.) For instance, in the past, the ways of interaction were very limited. If you wanted (tenses) to speak with to your friend, you would had to go directly to his house or send him a message which may might take a few days to get response. But in today’s time it’s it is very easy to interact with your relatives and even with government and organizations either by emails, chatting, mobile etc.

Furthermore, the most crucial benefit of online friendship is that, it can act as bridge between different cultures and avert conflicts. For example, a recent online survey conducted by Facebook reveals revealed that 65 percent of total internet user population sends friend request to people who live in countries such as Australia, Canada, America and Newzealand. This due to the fact that people really wants to know about other cultures so that they can compare bridge/ reduce cultural differences.

Conclusively, it can be summed up that in today’s fast paced world in which people do not have enough time to make friends through personal interaction, these websites enable forging friendships possible very easily. Aditionally, in near future, it will be the most cardinal tool to understand the cultural diversity which will lead towards global peace and harmony. (Excellent conclusion!)

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