IELTS Cue Card January 2018: Activities That Keep You Fit.

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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Talk about activities that you are doing to keep yourself fit. Please say

– What are they?
– Why do you do them?
– How do you feel after doing them?


Answering this cue card should not be an uphill task as far as ideas are concerned. However, to score well, a student has to keep numerous other things in mind. These include cohesion, collocation, word choice, fluency and pronunciation.

I’m a fitness enthusiast (collocation) and spend about two hours everyday in a gym. During this (cohesion) time I carryout various activities (collocation) that keep me fit and active for the day’s activities. Firstly (cohesion), I spend about 20 minutes doing basic stretching activities . The idea is to make my muscles active and charge them up for heavy exercise. If this (cohesion) part is not done adequately, it may lead to muscle pull.

Thereafter (cohesion), I spend another 20 minutes on jogging on a treadmill. While (cohesion) stretching opens my muscles for running, jogging makes them (cohesion) warm for weight training. Then (cohesion) I spend another 20 minutes on lifting weights that (cohesion) add strength to my muscles. Exercising muscles is important as they support the bones in keeping the body strong.

Followup Questions:

  1. Do you think younger or older people are doing more physical activities to keep themselves fit?
  2. Is it a government’s or individual’s responsibility to keep their body in a good shape?
  3. In your society do you think the government is responsible for educating people about healthy life style?
  4. Do you think people prefer meditation or Yoga activities nowadays?

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