IELTS Grammar: Another Vs Other

While checking essays, I’ve noticed that some students do not make a distinction between Another and Other. Let me explain the difference:

Another = An + Other.

That is, another is an adjective that is used with a SINGULAR and COUNTABLE noun. You can’t say “another countries” or “another days”. That’s wrong! The correct versions are “another country” or “another day”.

Other is an adjective that is linked to a PLURAL or UNCOUNTABLE noun. You can say “other countries”  or “other days” or “other people”.

Please note that THE OTHER is different from Other since the former has a the attached to it. the, by definition, refers to something specific which may be countable or uncountable or singular or plural. So, the other refers to a specific noun. For instance: “the other person”, “the other country”.

Please feel free to ask any question in the comments box below.

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