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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Per Person.

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The given line graph illustrates comparison of average carbon dioxide emissions per person in metric tonnes in four European countries between 1967 to and 2007. (between X and Y; from X to Y.)

Overall, United kingdom and Sweden witnessed a decline in CO2 the (refers to Carbon Dioxide) emission while Italy and Portugal experienced an increase in Carbon dioxide release over the given period of time. (Please mention the comparison: UK was the largest emitter throughout the period and Portugal was the smallest.)

In United Kingdom, CO2 the emissions maintained a constant value of about 11 metric tonnes from 1967 to 1977 followed by a gradual fall of about 1 metric tonne in coming three decades. Average emissions in Sweden, witnessed a sharp rise from about 8.5 metric tonnes to about 10.5 metric tonnes followed by a dramtic fall of about 5 (it’s 3, I believe) metric tonnes in next decade. Later, its value showed an additional constant drop by about 1 metric in the last twenty years. (Similar words: About = Approximately, Nearly.)

In Italy, values started from about 4.5 metric tonnes in 1967 and then jumped to 6.5 metric tonnes in just ten years followed by a steady gradual increase of about one metric tonne and plateaued at it about 7.75 metric tonnes from 1997 to 2007. The values in Portugal became gradually doubled in first twenty years from about 1.5 to about 3 metric tonnes followed by a sudden rise to about 5 metric tonnes and plateaued at it in last twenty years.

Well structured answer. All main features are adequately covered except one. No major grammar mistakes. Cohesion if fine.

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