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IELTS Essay Correction: A Few People Earn Extremely High Salaries.

In some countries, few people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this is good for the country, while the others feel that the government should control salaries and limit the amount people can earn. 

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes,250 words at least.

Please go through the sample answer HERE.


With the an increase in the job opportunities in various sectors, people in certain positions receive exuberantly high salaries. While many people think that this is good for the nation since it acts as an incentive for the employees to perform even better, thus contributing and, thus, contributes (acts and contributes are parallel) to the national growth, the others feel that their income (it) needs to be curtailed because it acts as a source of frustration amongst their subordinates. (the is used with something specific, unique)

Various high profile companies that have come up recently, (no comma here) are spending a huge amount as salaries offer attractive remuneration (Simple Present tense) to their executives since it motivates them to work harder to improve of their firms achieve the firm’s goals (increase the firm’s profit) (improve their firm is vague). Moreover, the incentives that are awarded to them, (no comma here) not only increases (incentives are plural) increase their earnings but also acts act as an inspiration for their co-workers to give a better performance (to perform better) in the years to come (in future) (Brevity is a respected principle.). A recent survey conducted by a multinational life style store revealed that increasing the salary and incentives of the managerial staff by 20% percent increased their enhanced the store’s (word repetition: increase; their has no noun to refer to) quarterly profits by 1.5 times. Furthermore, people earning high salaries also pay higher taxes to the government, which increases the national revenue substantially. (well-written!)

However (Despite these advantages/ benefits), extremely high remunerations of the high ranking employees makes make the junior staff members and subordinates feel frustrated since they also devote the same number of duty hours as their well paid officers. Moreover, with higher salaries, most employees the executives (can’t be most employees since they’re not paid well.) are overburdened with extra working hours and far greater responsibilities. Due to this, they are prone to various health hazards and behavioral problems, which in turn decreases their efficiency and hence the profit of the organization in the long run. However, issues such as this (these issues) can be handled specifically without curtailing the salaries of hard working executives (How? You’ve raised a point and not explained it.).

To conclude, I strongly believe that although keeping employees at high remunerations, may have certain disadvantages, (no comma here) such as a feeling of descent dissent amongst junior staff members, it contributes highly to the income of the organization and the nation in the longer run. (Please EXPLAIN your opinion in detail. Try writing a paragraph on it. Either use conclusion to give your opinion or write a separate paragraph. In conclusion, I strongly believe that higher salaries to a few executives contribute to a nation’s development and a company’s profits. Google, for instance, has become the largest organisation in terms of revenue and profits only by hiring smart employees whom it pays well. The taxes generated from these employees are used to build infrastructure and support welfare programs.)

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