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IELTS Essay Correction: Online Communication will Cause Death of Grammar and Language.

Commnication through text messages and other instant forms of online communication are short and basic. Some  people think that it will be the death of grammar and language. Do you agree or not?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Nowadays, textese (???) catalyst (text can’t catalyze, the internet can.) the delivery of instantaneous messsages and communications through the internet. While some teachers and linguistics believe that this will lead to the extinction of language and grammer, I tend to diagree with them since these short messages not only enhanceing the communication between people but also improveing the academic scores of students. (the opening general sentence is not clear.)

Firstly, the effects of abbreviated forms on text messages are hardly as deviant as many teachers believe ,instead of . Rather/ Instead, they make the sender and the receiver a better communicator. This is because when people have sufficient short messaging options like such as contractions, initilisms, and emoticons on their cell phones to convey  messages, they tend to communicate more frequently as this tailored text predate (wrong word use – predate) the text message provided that they comprehend the meaning of them these messages (they and them should refer to the same noun.). The world renowned author, Shakesphere, for an instance, used several made-up words in his novels, but it has (simple past tense) never meant that he was a poor grammarian and lacking lacked language skills. This example shows that such linguistic practices has have been used since long time, and have seldomly affected our way of communication.

Over and above, these this over-truant (truant = absent without permission, idle, lazy) words encourge the students to learn more efficiently. Precisely, when the children become more adept at abbreviating, it boosts their literacy and there by improving improves their reading and writing skills. This is because, the more exposure children get in to a language, in whatever means, the greater skills they develop skilled students they become. For example, an experiment conducted in Britain showed that children who scored higher on reading and vocabulary texts were those who used abbreviations while messaging. That is why, the linguistics concern about the death of grammar and languages is flawed.

In conclusion, use of over-concised words have made many teachers and lingustics to think that this will lead to death of language. However, in my opinion, these words have an resounding impact on our way of communications and students’ learning skills of pupils.

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