IELTS Essay January 2018: Academic Subjects Or Practical Skills.

Some people want academic subjects such as history and physics to be taught at secondary school. Others want practical skills such as mechanical and gardening to be taught. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION reasons supporting each view. MENTION your view.)

Education plays a crucial role in development of an individual as well as a society. Some people opine that academic subjects are important since they lay a strong foundation for better understanding, others believe that subjects are crucial as they help in building a strong career. I think that an optimum mixture of academic and practical subjects is important for overall development of a child.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN view 1.)

Academic subjects such as history, biology, and physics are important for conceptual understanding of various concepts. Organised knowledge, which is presented in the form of academic subjects, is the accumulation of the work of past generations. Without understanding these subjects no researcher or innovator can develop cutting-edge products or make a sense of the contemporary world. Sor instance, computers could never be developed without a thorough theoretical knowledge of electricity and semiconductors. Similarly, a thorough academic knowhow of world war 2 has helped people make sense of the contemporary world and avoid the circumstances that may lead to another war.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN view 2)

However, practical skills have also played an instrumental role in the progress of human civilisation. Skills of a mechanic, a builder, a surgeon and a typist are crucial for smooth functioning of the existing systems. If school children are taught these subjects, they will not only contribute towards efficient functioning of various systems but also earn a livelihood at an early age. For example, a recent survey has found that while students with practical skills begin earning at an average age of 18, those with academic skills start supporting their families at 25.

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with an explanation your OPINION.)

In conclusion, I strongly believe that every student must learn academic as well as practical subjects so that they can make a better career choice at a later stage. While academic subjects help in understanding concepts and ideas that lead to invention of new products, practical skills help in maintaining the existing systems. Both are necessary for healthy and smooth functioning of our society and economy.

Total Words = 324.

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