Answer Checking

IELTS Cue Card January 2018: A Place Where Lots of People Come Together.

Talk about a place where lots of people come together. Please say

– What is this place?
– When did you last go to such a place?
– Did you enjoy it? Why?


Let me present an answer with cohesion and collocations highlighted.

India is a diverse country (collocation) with friendly people (collocation) who gather at a number of religious and social places. One such (cohesion) famous place is a temple (church/ synagogue/ mosque/ gurudwara) where (cohesion) hundreds of people congregate to celebrate religious functions.

I visit this (cohesion) place regularly (collocation) every Sunday to pray and seek blessings of Gods. I really love (collocation) the experience of visiting a temple since (cohesion) it (cohesion) gives me satisfaction as well as peace of mind. Moreover (coesion), it (cohesion) offers an opportunity to meet people from the same faith. Usually due to a busy schedule I am unable to socialise with anyone. However (cohesion), every Sunday I meet dozens of people at the temple. 

Follow-up Questions:

  1. Who did you go there with?
  2. What kind of places do young people like to visit?
  3. Why do people go to such places?
  4. Do you like going to crowded places?
  5. Why or why not?
  6. Is negotiating with a crowd difficult?

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