IELTS Cue Card, January 2018: A Public Park You Went To.

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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Talk about a public park you went to in the past. Please say

  1. Where is the park located?
  2. Why did you go to that park?
  3. Who was there with you?
  4. How did you feel in that park?

Please keep collocations and cohesion in your mind while answering a speaking question.


Invest one minute in brainstorming about this topic’s questions. If you’ve not read my advice on developing each answer in a proper way, please read the lesson on speaking.

PLUS, you can implement the idea of collocations in this answer. Here is the link to a truly useful article: Lessons in speaking – collocations.

I’m a regular jogger (collocation) who visits various parks (collocation) for different running (collocation) experiences. Last month I visited New York and had an opportunity to run for five kilometers in The Kennedy Park which (cohesion) is the largest park in that city. Since (cohesion) I was there for a scientific conferrence (collocation), another colleague from the conferrence joined me.

Running in the park was an exciting and refreshing experience (collocation). There were a large number of people from different age groups who were either exercising or running. This (cohesion) was truly motivational (collocation). Moreover (cohesion), the park was well maintained (collocation) and had no litter. Also (cohesion), jogging for more than an hour was made more wonderful by fresh cool breeze of New York’s early morning of October month.

Follow-up Questions:

  1. What should the government do to protect the environment?
  2. Do you think these measures will help protect the environment?
  3. Do you think people now have better awareness of environmental protection?
  4. Do you think that the sense of natural beauty is changing over time?

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