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IELTS Essay Correction: The Best Time for a Person to Learn a New Language.

Some people believe that the best time for a person to learn a new language is when he/she is a child. Others feel adults learn language better and faster than children. Discuss both of views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


People have a different opinions for learning a new language. Some feel that it is a skill that should be established at a small age as this is the right time to grasp a new speech because of easy adaptability, while others believe that adults being mature matured,  have more understanding towards a naive (languages are not naive, people are.) new language, so they learn faster. I will discuss both of views and come to an conclusion of this debate.

Learning a new language at a tender age is tremendously advantageous because brain cells of a growing child are under fast developing process (brain cells of a growing child develop rapidly), making it reasonably easier for them him to adopt an unfamiliar speech much faster than an adult anyone else. Even neuroscientists claim that astonishing amount of development takes place in the brain during growing age; hence, introducing a naive new language can easily assimilate (introducing can’t assimilate with mother tongue) with their the child’s mother tongue. Moreover, children are, academically little distracted more focused and less burdened, an introduction with of a new speech can foster their ability to grasp it smoothly (Moreover, children are academically more focused and have less burden. Consequently, they have time as well as energy to grasp a foreign language much faster/ rapidly than adults.). Schools, for instance, have included one non-native language in their curriculum as an integral part of the education.

However, a large number of individuals compare ??? and believe that an adult, being a matured person, learns not only faster but also better. This is because, his brain is fully developed, means, and it can behold (behold = look, see) hold/ bear any stress or a pressure calmly (Oops!) such as a foreign language (bear any stress or pressure such as that of learning a forign language.). This development is an indication of a quick response to a language as well as it’s its technicalities. In addition, due to substantial understanding, they can proven prove themselves as a fast learner. (Please create an example to make this idea stronger. For instance, a scientific study of individuals learning a foreign language revealed that while adults take about one year to attain a certain level, children take more than two years to achieve the same level.)

To recapitulate, although a new language learnt in later ages can be beneficial because of the fully developed brain’s capacity to grasp, I strongly believe, children who are taught new language at young age, proved to be learn much faster than the grown ups due to their fast forming brain cells as well as less distracted attitude greater concentration power.

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