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IELTS Introduction Correction: Homework Should be Given to Students.

Some people believe that no homework should be given to the students. Discuss its advantage and disadvantage.


Education is a weapon which can be used to change the world. Homework attach attaches (subject-pronoun disagreement) students to their academic lessons more deeply.   However (this connecting word is used when the sentence is in contrast to the previous sentence. For instance: I worked hard for the project. However, I could not win the competition.) some people think that homework should be compulsory (IELTS loves compound sentences. Please combine the last two sentences to create one sentence using SINCE construction: Since homework helps students understand academic lessons deeply, some people think that it should be compulsory part of school curriculum.). Personally, I think that (The question does not ask your opinion.) this issue has some advantages and disadvantages. personally I am in favor of homework as it is very important for every student. (the question does not ask for your opinion.)

Instead of mentioning your opinion, please use this space to mention some of the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s the structure for this introduction:

Sentence 1: Oprning line/ General statement and link various elements of the topic.

Sentence 2: Mention advantages and disadvantages.

Education plays an important role in overall development of an individual and some people homework is considered as an important component of education. While it has several advantages such as better understanding of academic concepts, it often distracts students from extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to arts.

Please note the underlined COHESIVE devices.

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