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IELTS Task 1 Correction: Temperature and Rainfall Climatograph.

The climatograph below shows average monthly temperatures and rainfall in the city of Kolkata.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons were relavant.

climatograph IELTS Task 1.png

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The given climatograph depicts the average rainfall and temperature in Kolkata city during each month of a calendar year. Rainfall is measured by analysing amount of as precipitation in millimeter (mm) and temperature is measured in degree celsius.

Overall, the monthly figures for precipitation in Kolkata vary considerably, whereas monthly temperatures remain relatively stable with minor fluctuations. Rainfall is highest from July to August while temperatures are highest in April and May. (Good job!)

Average rainfall received by the city increases steadily over during the first five months from approximately 20 mm of rain in January to 100 mm in May. From May there is a tremendous increase in rainfall reaching its highest level in July which (which should belinked with rainfall, not month) is considerably above more than 300 mm (missing word that conncects the two clauses) almost triple the previous level (From May to July the amount of rainfall increases tremendously by threefolds to reach 300 mm.). Following that there is a marginal decrease in rainfall till September and the final three months see a dramatic fall in precipitation level where . (begin a new sentence.) Kolkata receive its lowest rainfall of about 10 mm in December with around 10 mm.

Please note: Connect the relevant parts with each other to create a logical structure. Raifall data needs to be connected to rainfall, not months – as mentioned in the sentences above. Discuss with me.

From the month of January to May, average temperature in Kolkatta rises from their its lowest point at around 20 degree celcius to a peak of just over 30 degree celcius (good!). From there the temperature stays roughly the same for the next four months and following that there was is a steady decline in temperature reaching back to the January average.

Paragraph structuring, overall, introduction are well-written. Bands = 7.0

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