IELTS Essay Correction: Solar Energy is Becoming Popular.

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a source of house hold energy in many countries around the world. Why is this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Globally, renewable energy sources (sun is the source) from the sun is becoming favourite choice of many people. Since it is free and abundant in nature, and is an alternate of fossil fuels, more and more people embrace it (Sentence 1 and 2 can be comfortably clubbed.). However, there are few drawbacks are there that deter them to use from using it extensively that range from expensive equipments to the limited supply of sun’s energy in tropical region. (However, there are a few drawbacks ranging from expensive equipment to limited supply of the Sun’s energy in tropical areas that deter them from using it.)

Solar energy has gained immense popularity in day to day usage of energy source in various parts of the world because it is free of cost and profound in nature. Unlike energy from fossil fuels source, energy from the sun solar energy (can’t compare fossil fuel sources with solar energy.) is far safer for the environment and there is no fear of pollution. Many European counties, for instance such as the Netherlands and Sweden, prefer clean energy sources so that they can combat air pollution. Furthermore, due to industrialisation and urbanisation, fossil fuel energy is insufficient to meet the growing demand supply global population, hence embracing solar energy is a smart move to fulfil increasing demand of large population for energy source.

However, few demerits decrease prevent the usage use (usage = the way solar energy is used. For instance: The usage of solar energy in cooking food.) of solar energy on a large scale. Expensive equipments as well as costly (parallelism) maintenance of the solar plants is comparatively higher than the fossil fuel (Equipment cost and maintenance of solar plants are comparatively higher than fossil fuels), which deter individuals to use from using it extensively; especially in developing countries where maintaining a huge plant without government support can be a challenging task. Apart from this, due to geographical positions, unfortunately, all countries do not receive sun’s energy in abundance because they are situated on in tropical region where most of the time winter season dominates. Therefore depending on the natural energy source can be an invitation to a big halt for the progressive world. Thus, solar energy is not sufficient to meet the electricity demand in these areas.

To recapitulate, energy from the solar Sun has great benefits which not only protect atmosphere (benefits can’t protect atmosphere) by curbing pollution but also provide us with cheaper source of energy. By Eliminating few disadvantages such as government support in installing solar plants can be a conducive step towards healthy way of energy source.

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