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IELTS Essay Correction: Elderly Should Live With Children or Separately.

Some people believe that the elderly persons should live with their children while the others say that they should live separately. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The elderly population is increasing in most developed countries these days. Some people argue that these people the senior citizens should be encouraged to live with their children since, this way they can have an immense social security, as well as this can help this will foster in fostering a healthy relationship with their children and grandchildren. However, the others emphasize that the elderly couples should stay in a separate home because it helps them to lead an independent life, which is free of any interference from their children. (Ideas for both views correctly mentioned. Nice introduction.)

Older couples in most cities suffer not only from numerous problems such as endless diseases which are bound to surround them at this stage of life but also from growing number of crimes that the society is experiencing these days. Therefore, living along with their children not only guarantees them extra security against crime but also an added care during periods of critical illness. Moreover, it also helps in fostering a healthy relationship with their grandchildren. A recent survey conducted by the Times of India newspaper revealed that due to an increase in the life expectancy, the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease disease has increased by 2.5 times over the last two decades. These statistics clearly suggest the need for support for the elderlies, (elderly is an adjective) aged people which can be best given by their children.

However, some people argue that there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction among the elderly people/ citizens if they share a house with their children due to a constant interference in their lifestyle by their children. This interference is essentially due to a time cultural gap between the two generations (inter-generation gap) which is extremely difficult to bridge as the time passes. Moreover, this leads to frequent arguments among them, souring their relationships and sometimes may even extend up to elderly abuse result in abuse of the old people (there is nothing called elderly abuse).

To conclude, I would like to reiterate that the elderly population is at high risk of being victimized by serious crimes and numerous degenerative diseases. Therefore it is best for them to live along with their children to guarantee them adequate security. However, this is only possible as long as their individuality and independence is not interfered with due to a wide generation gap between them and their children are respected and they are protected from abuse.

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