IELTS Essay Correction: Rent Home Rather Than Buying.

In some cities, people prefer to rent their homes rather than buying homes. What are the advantages and disadvantage of this trend?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


There is no doubht that shelter is one of the fundamental needs of every human being. Nowadays, it is ubiquitously seen in urban areas that people are living in rented apartments instead of buying homes. Eventhough this phenomenon is convenient to low income individuals, it has the drawback too such as lack of control it has certain drawbacks such as ……...

One of the advantages of living in a rented home is that it is a convenient choice to city dwellers who cannot afford their own homes than those who earn sufficient income (there is no scope for comparison here. Please use than with more: More X than Y.). To elaborate, tenants who live in this accommodation are neither worry neither about home loan payments and insurance nor about home maintainance such as plumbing, pavement and ceiling (worry neither about X nor about Y). Moreoever, even if these house hold problems arises, arise, maintainance expenditure will be handled by the landowner. For instance, a residential survey conducted in Delhi showed that unlike those who paid house mortgage (can’t compare mortgage with occupants), occupants who (First mistake of WHO in a restrictive clause. See below.) lived in payment homes spent only 10 percent of their annual income for maintainance. (Rephrase the example for greater clarity: For instance, a residential survey in Delhi showed that while those who purchased a home paid more than 30 percent of their annual salary in mortgage payments, those who were tenants spent less than 10 percent on rent.) Therefore, it is evident that rented homes are beneficial to residents with low earnings.

Though the apartment tenants benefit from less expenses, they still do not have control over it. This is particularly seen, when landlord enters the apartment without prior notice and do the inspection which hinders the privacy of people who (you’ve made two mistakes of WHO while writing a restrictive clause. People can refer to any body of individuals. However, you wish to RESTRICT them to “live there”. In this case use WHO.) live there. In addition to this, based on the culture of owner, tenants are required to strictly follow some regulations, whereas in own homes every person is independent to take his decision. A salient example for this would be restriction of on cooking non-vegetarian meals cooking in the Garuda Apartments in Trivandrum city. Hence, those people who live there often face challenges.

In conclusion, these days, an increasing number of people opt to reside in rent rental homes mainly in cities. While living in an apartment (is this apartment rented or owned?) this allows less affluent people to live under a roof without much more stress, it significantly prevents violates (invades) their privacy as compared to own homes.

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