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IELTS Essay Correction: Solar Energy is Becoming Popular – 1.

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a source of household energy in many countries around the world. Why is this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through another student’s answer HERE.


In many countries, people are getting more familiar with solar energy the Sun (solar energy is already energy. Can’t be a source of energy.) as a source of energy for a household. To my observation, this situation is mainly resulted mainly results from two reasons: people’s consideration for imminent environmental problems and technological development in solar equipment. systems (solar system is a system of Sun and the 9 planets) Although it seems advantageous for the environment to use solar energy (the environment is not using solar energy: Although using solar energy is advantageous for the environment, …) effectively as the main resource, it still has disadvantages such as monetary issues as well expensive equipment and costly maintenance(Mention clearly what exactly the monetary issues are.)

The popularity of solar panel is clearly caused by due to people’s gathering rapidly increasing attention to the environmental issues. Humans have utilized natural gas and oil as the main energy source for household to date for the last two centuries. However, the amount of these resources is rapidly decreasing since we have exploited them too much. Moreover, those resources using them (refers to resources) could be is (could be = probability that it could happen in the past. But it never happened.) harmful because they emit a magnanimous (magnanimous = generous) huge amount of carbon dioxide while burning. These days, most people, especially those who are living live (prefer Simple Present Tense over Present continuous.) in an urban area, pay attention to these environmental issues. Therefore, many people naturally notice the advantages of a solar panel: a solar panel’s advantages ranging from its sustainability resulted from its harmlessness for the environment and to its limitlessness of the amount of energy (use ranging from X to Y to give examples within a sentence. Please note that ranging from should be linked to the word it is exemplifying – advantages, NOT solar panels. Discuss with me if you have any doubts.). In addition, the advanced technology makes solar energy be more popular. The scientific development in the field of this remarkable resource makes the solar panel smaller and more powerful. As the survey conducted by Japanese electric company suggests, (no comma here) that more people come to regard the solar system as beneficial one because of those the above-mentioned advantages. There were are (use present tense since the previous tense uses present tense) 60 percent of the Japanese those who thought think that having a solar panel on their rooftop is valuable for their life and environment in 2017 while it was only 20 percent in 1990. (Switching tenses unnecessarily will reduce the band score.)

As mentioned above, solar panels are clearly advantageous for our lives and environmental future. However, it they costs so high that in reality most people cannot decide afford to put solar panel them on their rooftops. In other words, their main disadvantage of solar system is its is the expensiveness of equipment (solar system are not the right words. Use PRONOUNS as they increase cohesion in an answer.). If the cost becomes lower, hopefully, it could come true that solar system would they will replace gas and oil in the future. (would = past form of will.)

To recapitulate, solar energy became is (has become) much more popular than before thanks to people’s anxiety for the environmental issues and advanced technology in the field of solar energy. Although this new energy’s sustainability is really advantageous, the high cost of equipment prevents it from being more popular now.

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