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IELTS Essay Correction: Transport Services to School Children.

Some people believe that it is the responsibility of government to provide school transport service to children while other believe that parents should play this role.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes,250 words at least.


There is an opinion that the state should provide transportation service to school going children whereas some believe that it is the responsibility of parents. The government can share the financial burden of families by providing this facility whereas parents can take ample care of their child by taking this responsibility. (Better to MENTION the reasons that you plan to discuss in the body paragraphs. The government should provide these services since the price of oil and diesel has increased tremendously recently. The parents are advised to take this responsibility as this increases love and care between them and children along with keeping the child safe.)

The prices price of oil and diesel has increased dramatically due to new taxation policies implied by of the government and this factor not only makes the public transport expensive but also elevates the personal transport expenses, putting an extra financial burden on middle class families. So (Consequently), government should provide a free transport service to school going kids. children. For example, according to an interesting survey held in five hundred houses in London in 2015, about 2000 people demanded government to provide a free transport service to their school going children as the transportation cost had shot up by 50 percent during the past three years(the example no where mentions the reasons why they’re demanding free transport services.)

(Need a connecting device to promote cohesion.) Many people believe that parents can play this role of picking and dropping to their school children very well as compared to government since in this way they can ensure the safety and security of the child. (On each idea, write one sentence on idea and another on explanation. Please explain this idea. Write another idea and EXPLAIN it. You should avoid this example since this is similar to the one stated above. See sample paragraph below.) For instance, according to survey in New York in 2015, about 3000 families preferred to transport their kids to school on their own as well as . Moreover, the children feel more comfortable and secure while travelling with their parents. (the idea is not explained)

Sample Paragraph: On the other hand, parents are advised to pick and drop their children to school since this strengthenes the bond of love and care (IDEA). When a parent drops a child at a school, not only the parent sure of the latter’s safety but also the child understands the depth of his parent’s love (EXPLANATION). Moreover, with increasing incidence of crimes in various parts of the world, the parents should take the responsibility of transporting their children (IDEA). A child should stay in safe custody of either parents or a school and there should be no possible areas of risk where scope of a sexual harassment or injury exists (EXPLANATION).

In conclusion, both government and parents can provide the transportation facility to the children, . The former can support families financially whereas the later are in a better position to provide care to the kids. I strongly agree with the idea that parents should carry out this role because in this way not only they can provide ample care to child children but also the children feel more safe and comfortable.

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