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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Coffee Manufacturing Process.

The diagram shows how coffee is made. Write a report.

coffee process IELTS.jpg

The given diagram effectively illustrates the process that is involved in the making of coffee.

Overall, the process involves eleven stages, starting with the picking of the coffee beans from coffee shrubs and ends ending with the packaging of the prepared coffee powder in the jars.

The process of coffee manufacturing starts begins (word repetition: start) with the picking of coffee beans from the coffee plants manually by the workers. Thereafter, these beans are spread in the open fields and left to dry. These dried beans are then heated up in a closed vessel so that they get roasted. Following this, the roasted beans are kept in a separate closed (word repetition – closed) vessel, where they undergo rapid cooling, after which they are subjected to the process of grinding in a mechanical grinder.

The grounded coffee beans are then subsequently/ later/ next/ thereafter/ after that thoroughly mixed with hot water, following which, the mixture is strained effectively. This strained mixture is then subjected to freezing in a separate chamber. The frozen mixture is then grounded in a grinder, following which, the grounded mixture is dried in a vacuum which evaporates most of its water. Finally, the resulting coffee powder is packed into jars and is ready for sale in the retail market.

The answer is well written. Please avoid the use of THEN. I’ve mentioned some of the alternatives above. Please try to use them.

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