IELTS Cue Card January 2018: A Public Place That Needs Improvement.

Talk about a public place that you think needs improvement. Please say

– What place is this?
– Where is it located?
– Why does it need improvement?
– What kind of improvement does it need?


I live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and it is a beautiful place (collocation) to live. However (cohesion), even this well maintained (collocation) city needs a number of improvements in the art museum. The museum is located near downtown and is a collection of numerous arts (collocation) from various provinces (collocation) of the country. 

However (cohesion), the museum suffers from certain shortfalls (collocation). Firstly (cohesion), it does not have a dedicated section of women and minority artists (What). There are wonderful pieces (collocation) of art made by the Canadians but a separate section for the marginalized sections (collocation) of society will be instrumental in their upliftment (Why). Secondly (cohesion), the museum is painting centric and does not have enough other forms of art such as (cohesion) sculptures (What). This (cohesion) is necessary to preserve all forms of Canadian art for the future generations (progeny) (Why). Moreover (cohesion), it needs funds for a new block that should be built for pre-historic art (What). This (cohesion) is necessary to make people aware of how the human civilization developed (Why).


  1. What kind of other public places are there in your hometown?
  2. Why do people need museums?
  3. What kind of public places do older and younger people like?
  4. Should the government invest more money in public places? Why?
  5. What is the difference between the city and the countryside?
  6. Why do more and more people migrate from countryside to the city?

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