IELTS Cue Card January 2018: Traditional Product Which is Very Popular.

Talk about a traditional product which is very popular in your country. Please say

– What is the product?
– How is it made?
– Why is it so popular?

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Before presenting an answer, let me first discuss a few brainstorming points.

Cue Card Chart IELTS


IELTS Cue Card, Traditional Product.

India has one of the oldest civilisations (collocation) in the world and there are numerous products (collocation) that are hundreds of years old and people still use them. One such item is the DATUN. It (referencing) is a traditional form of a modern-day toothbrush. 

It is basically a natural product of a tree, most commonly Neem which (cohesion) is also called the Indian Lilac. This (cohesion) product is shaped from small branches of the tree and stored in a cool, dark place at home. It is then used daily in the morning and people chew it for about 20 minutes before spitting the residue. The water released from the wood has medicinal properties and it keeps dental problems away. Moreover (cohesion), it keeps gums strong and healthy while keeping the cavities away. 

Despite (cohesion) the use of the modern toothbrush, DATUN remains popular in India not only (cohesion) because of its traditional significance but also because of its well-known uses. Sometimes even doctors suggest its use along with brushing the teeth.


  1. Which products do you prefer – traditional or modern? Why?
  2. Why do people prefer traditional products despite lack of evidence in support of their use?
  3. What other traditional products can you name?
  4. Some traditional products have little or no use. Should governments ban them?

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