IELTS Cue Card: A Subject You didn’t Enjoy.

Describe a subject you didn’t enjoy (like) in high or secondary school. You should say:

  1. what the subject was
  2. how the teacher taught this subject
  3. how long you studied this subject
  4. and explain why you didn’t like it.


I’ve always been a bright student (collocation) and I used to excel at all subjects except mathematics. I have an arts bent of mind and love reading numerous books (collocation) ranging from (cohesion) literature to history. However (cohesion), mathematics was never my cup of tea.

Our mathematics school teacher was methodical in teaching the subject. Since (cohesion) the subject is more theoretical than practical (cohesion – MORE X THAN Y) and the teacher’s approach made it farther from the real world, I could never find interest in it. I studied it for more than 8 years during childhood. Despite (cohesion) the best efforts of my parents and teacher’s efforts, I never excelled in the subject and always scored passing grades. I always found peace, love, and solace in history, literature and biology as (cohesion) these subjects were more closer to reality than mathematics.

For instance (cohesion), I could never understand the practical significance (collocation) of differential equations and calculus. Moreover (cohesion), our teacher never made efforts in explaining the real world uses of these concepts. I never grasped the importance of geometry or algebra. Consequently (cohesion), I always found it extremely boring (collocation)


  1. What other subjects you didn’t like?
  2. What can teachers and parents do to increase a child’s interest in education?
  3. What role does modern technology play in making classes interesting?
  4. Is practical education more important than theoretical concepts? Why?

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