Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Life is Now Better Than it was 100 Years Ago.

Life is now better than it was 100 years ago. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is believed that people’s standard of living has now improved substantially in comparison with a century ago. I agree with this view because of advancements in communication and transportation. (The introduction, though well written, is too short. Please add one more sentence. I agree with this view since advancements in medical science have given us the ability to fight diseases and developments in technology and business have made our life more comfortable.)

With the progress of communication technology, the way individuals communicate interact (word repetition: communicate) has revolutionised. Today, people can stay in touch with their kins and kiths kith and kin (this is plural) without any interruption, delay which in fact fosters a strong relationship. For example, many people use mobile phones and the Internet to communicate with others who live geographically far away. But, in the past, this facility was never heard of and people rather conveyed their regards through letters which (which refers to letters.) was were time-consuming. From this aspect, it is evident that modern people enjoy the facilitated smooth communication life than people did in the past.

In addition to communication, the contemporary world now enjoys fast and safe travelling with the development of various means of transportation means. Nowadays transportation it (avoid word repetition: transportation) has become convenient and prompt as opposed to the past decades. For instance, there are different means of transportation such as buses, taxis, trains and aeroplanes which are being used to satisfy travellers’ necessities with minimal stakes and at high speed. In the past, nevertheless, human beings had (no need for past perfect. Prefer Simple Past tense.) used animals such as horses or donkeys for commuting and transporting goods and they were ineffective and made their (Wrong pronoun usage. They refers to animals while their refers to humans.) the journey arduous. Thus, it is obvious that modern population experiences a better life.

To conclude, people’s living conditions have progressed dramatically in comparison with 100 years back in the wake of facilitated transportation and enhanced communication technology. (The conclusion is merely a repetition of the introduction. Please paraphrase so that both look different. OR make it a bit futuristic.)

In conclusion, advancements in technologies such as communication and transportation have made the life of modern humans more comfortable than ever before. With further advancements in domains such as medical science, our life is expected to become more convenient in the near future (First sentence paraphrase, second sentence future.).

The overall structure of your essay and paragraphs is fine. Ideas are clearly mentioned and explained. Please improve your introduction and conclusion. Follow suggestions mentioned in the body paragraphs.

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