IELTS General Training Task 1: Sports Event For Local Community.

Every year your company organizes a sports event for a local community, but this year they can’t do it. Write a letter to your local newspaper about this. In your letter

– Express your feelings about missing the sports event
– Tell them about your plans for next year
– Explain how this sports event is useful.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear ………..,

I am writing this letter to express my regret that ABC Corp, which (cohesion) organizes the local football competition among high school children, will not be able to financially support (collocation) the event. All employees of the company including the founders and Chief Executive Officer feel extremely sorry for their inability to continue with the annual competition (collocation)(Express feelings)

Due to (cohesion) falling business sales and profits, we have decided not to support the event this year and gather resources to re-launch it the next year. Unlike this year (cohesion), when the global and local business sentiment was low, the following year is expected to be more rewarding for all businesses. We have already allocated a healthy amount (collocation) this year to plan the event next year. We are committed, financially as well as personally, to this (cohesion) event. (Plans for next year)

This (cohesion) event is extremely important (collocation) for the company not only (cohesion) because our founders belonged to the local community but also because most of our business sales are in this region. Most of the employees are also from this community and they have been working with us for the last two decades. Moreover (cohesion), it plays a significant role in channelizing the energy of local children and this is important for the future of the company.  (How this event is useful)

I look forward to an exciting event next year.


Total Words = 214.

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