IELTS Cue Card January 2018, March 2018: Car Journey That Was Memorable.

car journey IELTS.jpg

Talk about a car journey experience that was memorable for you. Please say:

– where did you go?
– what kind of car did you drive?
– who was there with you?
– why was this journey memorable?

Talk about a long car journey that you have done. Please say

– where did you go?
– what was the purpose of your journey?
– who was there with you?
– what made this journey memorable?


I’m a frequent traveller (collocation) and I’ve visited numerous places (collocation) both in India and abroad. I vividly remember (collocation) a car journey that my family and I took from Chandigarh to Golden Temple at Amritsar. (Where did you go?)

We were eight individuals and we travelled in a Toyota Fortuner vehicle during this journey. The members included my parents, two brothers, their wives, my sister and me. (What car and Who was there?)

This journey was our first trip together to any place. Since (cohesion) one of my brothers lives in New York and the other is in merchant navy while (cohesion) my sister works in the United Nations at Washington D.C, we never get an opportunity to travel together. The trip reminded us of our beautiful childhood days (collocation) and we shared a number of memories and past events. Moreover (cohesion), we travelled in my newly purchased (collocation) Toyota Fortuner vehicle and everyone found it extremely comfortable (collocation). Also (cohesion), we took a few breaks at dhabas, a local term for family restaurants which serve traditional Indian food. It (cohesion) was a new and exciting experience (collocation) for my brothers’ wives both of whom had never been to India. (Why journey memorable?)


  1. Which is better, cars or public transport? Though I prefer personal transport, public transport is clearly better. It is not only economically viable but also environmentally more sustainable.
  2. How is the public transport system in your home country? The public transport system in Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful cities in India, is extremely reliable and comfortable. The buses have separate lanes that prevent any traffic jam interrupting their flow. Moreover, all buses are air-conditioned.
  3. What should the government do to promote public transport? The government should take steps to connect various modes of public transport in order to provide seamless connectivity. For instance, metro trains, buses and taxis need to be well connected so that people can enjoy end-to-end connectivity.
  4. Do you see driverless cars as the future of cars? Certainly, driverless cars are the future of vehicles. Since most of the accidents that cause loss of human life as well as loss of property are a result of human error, driverless cars hold tremendous potential in reducing this cost.

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