IELTS Cue Card February 2018: A Time When You Had to be Polite.

Think of a time when you had to be polite. Please say

– Where did this happen?
– How did you do this?
– Why did you have to be polite?


The question statement clearly wants you to describe a situation when you didn’t want to polite, but you had to. You are supposed to describe an unpleasant situation when you had to control your emotions.

Here are points to brainstorm during the one minute:

  • WHERE? Scientific conference, New York.

  • Situation? WHY? My speech. Lot of criticism from colleagues. Had to defend.

  • HOW? Maitained calm during offense. Took questions one-by-one. Smile.

Cue Card Chart IELTSCue Card Chart Polite Situation IELTS

Last month I went to a scientific conference in New York that invited scientists and professionals from different parts of the world. The conference was about the evolution of human brain (no need to use scientific jargon here).

After some of the famous authors delivered their lectures, it was my turn to give a speech that I had prepared for rigorous efforts during the past one month. As soon as I spoke the title, some of my colleagues began discussing the topic. I could sense the audience’s interest in the topic and could feel its energy. However, as soon as I ended the speech, I was bombarded with a number of questions, many of them challenging my ideas. Since I had questioned some of the established hypothesis (ideas), many professionals and colleagues were not pleased with my speech. (Situation, Why did you have to be polite?)

Though I was a bit upset with a battery of questions, I decided to handle the situation calmly. Firstly, I requested everyone to ask questions one by one. This would not only help me understand and answer the questions well but also prevent any repetition of questions. Since some of the questions were really difficult to answer, I calmly requested to meet me personally for discussion. The best tool in this situation was to maintain a smile on my face. It uplifted my spirits and gave me the confidence to tackle each question. (How did you do this?)

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