IELTS Essay February 2018: Transport Services to School Children.

Some people think parents are responsible for transporting their children to school. Others think it is the government’s responsibility.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please go through Answer Correction of a student.

Let me take this opportunity to present a brainstorming structure that helps you write a powerful answer. Thinking is the most important element that helps you score better. Without much ado, let us move to the structure:

Discuss both views essays have, obviously, two views. Before you begin writing, divide a rough patch of page into two sections:

discuss both views and give your opinion essay IELTS.png

Asking the right questions is the key to writing a good answer. Please note that the first question “WHY” forces the student to MENTION the idea. The following questions will help EXPLAIN the idea. Without EXPLANATION, you will not score well in the exam.

Let me write a paragraph to explain the structure mentioned above:

It is imperative that parents should transport their children to school since it builds a bond to love and care (WHY?). When parents accompany their children to school, the children develop an understanding of hoe deeply their parents love them (How it helps). This reduces inter-generation gap and children develop the ability to transfer similar love to their children in the future (Solve a problem). For instance, in eastern cultures like that of India, parents pick and drop their children at a school’s door and this has helped maintain joint households in a increasingly individualistic world (Example).

Now it is your turn to write a paragraph on view 2 and share with me in the comments box below.

An important element of this question is “Give your view”. It is important to both MENTION your view and EXPLAIN it. You may have to resort to any one of the views and this raises an important question: “Should I explain the view AGAIN?”

Well, no. Your opinion can be expressed as a comparison of the two views. Try answering the question “Why one view is better than the other?”

In conclusion, I believe that parents should be responsible for taking their kids to school. While government transport certainly promotes safety of children, it does not increase love, care and bonding between two generations. Moreover, children are safer in parents’ custody than they are in government’s. This promotes social stability and family values which are the foundation of all civilisations.

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