IELTS Essay February 2018: Effective Way to Reduce Pollution is to Tax the Companies.

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Some people think that the effective way to reduce pollution is to tax the companies which cause it. Others think that there are better ways to achieve this. Discuss both the sides and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Here is the brainstorming chart for this question:

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Introduction: (Introduce the topic, MENTION the reasons supporting both views and give your opinion)

Pollution in almost all parts of the world has become a menace to humans and various solutions have been proposed to overcome it. While some people suggest taxing the corporates since they generate pollution while producing goods, others think that measures such as public awareness and regulation are more effective. I agree with the latter view.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN view 1 with reasons)

Imposing heavy taxes on companies is an efficient way to reduce as well as control air, water and ground pollution (MENTION the idea). Governments can use these taxes to create a fund that helps implement pollution control measures such as effluent treatment plants. Moreover, taxes will increase the price of goods in the market which will reduce the consumption and hence pollution (EXPLAIN the idea in 2 sentences). For example, the government of Singapore has imposed heavy taxes on all manufacturing facilities and used these funds to clean rivers, install machines to absorb harmful gases in Singapore’s air. Thus a heavy tax on companies has played an important role in making Singapore a clean place to live.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN view 2 with reason)

On the other hand, some people suggest that taxes are not an effective way to reduce pollution and stringent pollution regulation and public awareness are more important (MENTION the idea). Strong oversight of environmentally hazardous industries such as paper and plastic by regulators will be an effective step in controlling pollution. Moreover, if people are aware of environmental impacts of products through measurements such as ecological footprint, they will purchase products that are less polluting (EXPLAIN the idea in 2 sentences).

Conclusion: (MENTION and EXPLAIN your opinion by comparing the two opinions.)

In conclusion, I believe that heavy tax on companies is not an effective way to reduce pollution since it translates to increase in prices of goods which eventually harm the consumers. Governments should strictly regulate the polluting industries and make public aware of pollution emitted by any product. This will not only make people more aware of their duty to protect their environment, but also make Earth a sustainable place to live. 

Total Words = 304.

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