IELTS February 2018 Cue Card: A Museum You Have Visited.

Museum IELTS.jpg

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Talk about a museum you have visited. Please say

– What did you like or dislike there?
– What was the theme of this museum?
– Who did you go there with? Why?

Please go through a cue card in which I used MUSEUM as an example: A public place that needs improvement.


I’m a history enthusiast and have visited various historical places and museums to pursue my interest. Last month I visited the Indian Freedom Struggle museum at New Delhi, the capital of India, with some of my friends.

The museum’s focus was on the 100 years of struggle that Indians spent in fighting against the British rule. It contained various interesting items such as important letters from various freedom fighters, weapons, dresses. I loved these things in general and Mahatma Gandhi’s personal possessions in particular. I liked the section that contained the father of the nation’s spectacles, his clothes, pen and a personal journal. Moreover, I cherished every moment spent in the room designed for freedom fighters who believed in violence. It contained various weapons such as pistols, revolvers, strategic maps and diffused grenades.

Since all of us had a keen interest in Indian history, it was an enjoyable and a remarkable experience.


  1. Why do people go to museums?
  2. How can children be motivated to study history?
  3. Why should governments invest in museums?

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