IELTS Essay Februrary 2018: Several Short Holidays VS One Long Summer Holiday.

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Some people think that several short holidays from school are better, while others think one long summer holiday for the year is better for children. Discuss both views and include your own opinion and relevant examples from your experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Here is the brainstorming chart for this essay. Please spend at least FIVE minutes to jot-down the points before writing the essay.

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Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION the reasons supporting each view. State your opinion.)

Holidays from regular school are a crucial component of education. While some people believe that schools should have several holidays since they rejuvenate the kids regularly and offer safety during extreme weather, others think that children should have one long summer holiday as it allows sufficient time to develop additional skills. I believe in the former view.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN view 1 – several holidays)

Having several holidays in a year allows children to get regular breaks from school curriculum (MENTION idea 1). This not only breaks the monotony of studying the same subjects but also offers an opportunity to develop healthy social contact with distant relatives. Thus, this is beneficial for the psychological health of children and stability of the society (EXPLAIN idea 1). Moreover, this also offers safety to children from extreme weather events (MENTION idea 2). For instance, winter holidays are extremely important in cold countries such as Canada. In countries such as India that face extreme weather both during summers and winters, holidays are necessary to protect children from such weather (EXPLAIN idea 2).

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN view 2 – One summer holiday)

On the other hand, having one long holiday has several advantages. It allows enough time for children to learn an additional lifelong skill (MENTION idea 1). Since learning a new skill such as a new language or a dance requires a lot of time, long summer holidays offer sufficient time. This allows a child to focus on one activity completely without an additional burden of school studies (EXPLAIN idea 1). Moreover, this allows children to focus more on school curriculum during rest of the year (MENTION idea 2). Once the summer holidays are over, there are no unnecessary distractions from studies during winters or spring (EXPLAIN idea 2).

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with your opinion. MENTION and EXPLAIN your opinion)

In conclusion, I believe that one long holiday has several shortfalls such as insufficient intervals for kids to rejuvenate for further education. This can be countered by offering frequent holidays. If children are offered several short holidays, this will give an opportunity to do recreational activities. This will shape them into a stable individual and create a stable society.

Total Words = 309.

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