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IELTS Essay Correction: Appoint Trained Professionals To Take Care of The Elderly.

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In some countries, young people do not take care of their elderly relatives. Instead, they appoint trained professionals who take care of the elderly.

Is it a positive or negative development according to you?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


More and more elderly are taken care of by trained professionals instead of their own children and relatives. Although both children and old parents may feel lack of love and affection, this trend will be is (the tense mentioned above is present.) beneficial for both in several ways.

Taking care of old people by hiring experts may have some negatives in an emotional sense. Children may get devoid of the love and blessings that they may receive by serving their helpless elderly. Likewise, old parents may also feel emotionally alone when their children are not there to hear them. This may lead to several mental problems such as forgetting things, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and stress. (The idea is adequately mentioned and explained.)

However, I believe the service provided by trained professionals is immensely beneficial for busy youngsters and the seniors who need round the clock assistance (clearly written idea). To elaborate, some children may need to commute or live far away from their homes and old parents. Being unable to take care of their loved parents may worry them all the time and hence, hiring professionals make allows them to work with more focus as they know their parents are always under supervision and taken care of. Furthermore, these professionals are experts to who cater to the specific health needs of old people (since the explanation is on health, please MENTION it in the idea.) (Idea a bit less clear than it should be.). Incorporating right diet plan, mild exercises and some vitamin medicines, for instance, may make the elderly lead a healthier life.

In conclusion, although both children and the elderly may feel emotionally separated when old age caretakers are hired professionals are hired for our seniors, it is need of the hour and leads to a happier and stress less less stressful youngsters and healthier old parents.

The answer can be improved by writing more specific details and using better topic related vocabulary.

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