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IELTS Essay Correction: Assessing Students Through Exams Rather Than Continual Assessment.

There seems to be an increasing trend towards assessing students through exams rather than continual assessment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of exams as a form of assessment?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Academic performance of students is often assessed on the basis of written examinations instead of continual assessment. While this approach of evaluating students may help them managing manage (in managing) their time effectively and gaining gain (in gaining) important life skills, the drawbacks associated with it, in the form of encouraging rote learning among students, cannot be overlooked. (While X, Y construction is correctly used. However, you can better write Y as: … , its drawbacks such as rote learning among students cannot be overlooked.)

Beginning with the merits, first one is that The greatest advantage of written examination (I’ve deliberately avoided examinations to avoid confusion of pronouns. Discuss with me.) is that it allows students to devote their time towards extracurricular activities (Idea clearly mentioned). To elaborate, examinations are held after a regular time period, intervals and hence, after appearing in exams, students can allocate some time in to other activities, such as sports and dance, without the burden of revision everyday as is the case in continual assessment. This is not possible in case of continual assessments in which everyday revision is necessary. (Write two separate sentences to convey the idea clearly. Please connect them using a referencing word: THIS.(Some scope to write things more clearly exists.) Another advantage of getting assessed through formal examination is that it inculcates in students some important life skills such as facing difficulties, meeting deadlines and accepting defeats (Perfect parallelism). (Explain how? When tests are held at regular intervals, students face the herculean task of revising the entire semester’s syllabus in a short frame of time.) Such qualities may be immensely helpful to face challenges later on in their personal as well as professional lives. (The ideas can be more clearly explained.)

Despite the aforementioned advantages, however, (Use any one connecting device) written assessment do has several disadvantages its share of negatives. First, it encourages rote learning among students. This is because, (no comma) students are marked on the basis of how well they have learned the facts stated in the textbooks (Does continuous assessment judge students on any other criterion? This is because while continuous assessment measures students on the basis of regular understanding of concepts, examinations check how well the students have crammed the facts and ideas.). Owing to this, students may even get good marks if they cram the subjects one night before exams instead of understanding and grasping the facts taught in class every day. This is highly negative for employers as well as society as a whole to have such young graduates with little or absolutely no knowledge of their subjects. Second, this system of assessment also demotivates some students who are marked low in exams despite having good knowledge and understanding of the subject (how are they marked low? Explain.). Thus, this system may sometimes be unfair and inaccurate in judging the true potential of students.

(Ideas are not strong and need to be better developed. )

In conclusion, although examination system benefits students by letting them allocate time to other activities and gaining strengths to face problems of life, it certainly has its downside of being unjust many a times. If a continual assessment system is established, it will help in shaping more practical and knowledgeable students.

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