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IELTS Essay Correction: Effective Way to Reduce Pollution is to Tax the Companies.

Some people think that the effective way to reduce pollution is to tax the companies which cause it. Others think that there are better ways to achieve this. Discuss both the sides and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please go through the Sample Answer HERE.

The ever-increasing pollution from multitudes of manufacturing companies has become a topic of debate nowadays a serious environmental issue (There is no debate here. They cause pollution. Period.). While some people believe that imposing a tax is the a better way to reduce pollution, other people think that measures such as awareness programs and rewards are equally important. In my opinion, these should be welcomed with the taxation I agree with the former view (I believe that taxing these units is a more prudent approach.)(Improvement in the introduction as compared to your previous essays. OTHER measures clearly stated.)

By implementing tax for on companies which produce large volumes of pollutants, the pollution level in the atmosphere can be minimised. Because, companies are already levied by other forms of taxes such as, income tax. Thus Since companies are already paying direct and indirect taxes, another tax in the form of the pollution tax can be a an unaffordable burden or an unaffordable for most of them, as a result, . Consequently, they will discover new innovations aimed at curbing the toxic elements which can harm the nature. (Idea clearly mentioned. However, explanation is not clearly written. Both IDEA and EXPLANATION should be effectively written to score higher bands. Please understand the correct placement of a period – full stop.)

Moreover, the authority (which authority? You’ve not mentioned any authority previously.) governments can utilise the fund which are generated from tax for various remedial measures such as afforestation, one of the excellent ways to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere(use this as a modifier) and technological developments to reduce pollution. For example, the environment protection authority of India has started planting saplings in cities with an aim to regulate carbon dioxide level. Interestingly, the source of funding not derived from the public (source can’t be derived) is not the public money, but from the companies.

(Need a connecting device here to create proper flow – cohesion) On the other hand, awareness program is also mandatory in order to address the pollution problems. All organisations should be given adequate education about the risks of escalating pollution. So the governments must set up an authority or a unit in spreading awareness campaigns to the companies. For instance, the Singaporean state Singapore has already started this type of setting the awareness program due to the concern of high level of water contamination and it seemed seems (please use the same tense – present) to be highly successful (The example is not strong. Please mention what exactly has the country achieved? How has this reduced pollution from manufacturing units?). In addition to this, the manufacturing institutions, which make serious efforts to reduce pollution levels, should be rewarded. Such appreciation encourages them further to carry out environment-friendly operations such as using solar power instead of fossil fuels. Many developed nations find it useful in the long run (This sentence does not convey any meaningful idea. Either mention the specific long term benefits, or do not write this sentence.).

In conclusion, although imposing tax imposition can be a better solution to mitigate environmental pollution, in my view, awareness programs and provision of rewards should also be added. The combination of these three methods is recommended because taxing alone cannot curtail the pollution enough to make the environment sustainable. cannot meet the requirement (which requirement?).

An important issue: Some of your sentences/ ideas are vague. This can be seen in my comments raising various questions such as “which requirement?” “What has the country achieved?”. Please write more concrete ideas/ explanations. 

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