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IELTS Essay Correction: Plastic Shopping Bags are the Main Source of Rubbish.

In many countries plastic shopping bags are the main source of rubbish, causing pollution on land and in the water, so people think they should be banned.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through SAMPLE ANSWER as well.


(Sentence 1) In the last two decades dumping of plastic bags are is (dumping is a singular activity) increasing in at an alarming rate as most of the supermarkets and takeaway stores are using these bags largely. (Sentence 2) Many people believe that plastic bags should be prohibited since these bags are one of the major pollutant of land and water around the world. (NOTE: Use either sentence 1 or sentence 2 as general statement since none of them are related to the topic statement – “people think they should be banned”.) In my opinion, while I agree that plastic bags below a certain level of thickness should be banned, other measures such as reusing and recycling of hard plastics should be encouraged as a complete ban on plastic is not feasible as because (word repetition: as) we lack a suitable substitute. (This sentence is very well written. The introduction is too long. Delete the first or the second sentence to reduce the number of words.)

Undoubtedly, light weight plastic bags which are usually (use correct connecting device) less than fifty microns should be banned as . (The sentence is too long. Please divide this into two relatively simple sentences.) these can be easily torn away and are not biodegradable and continue to pollute the environment for more than five hundred years after it is they are discarded. Around fifty percent of plastic bags produced are of single use and they end up clogging the land and at times stay (Please end the sentence once an idea is complete. Write the next idea in another sentence. You will lose bands for wrong PUNCTUATION.) . Stray animals feed on these plastics and can which adversely affect their body system even and sometimes cause death (use right connecting devices. This will impact your cohesion as well as lexical resource scores.). Another possible reason to ban these thinner plastics is mainly due to the pollution of water bodies Moreover, these plastics also cause pollution of water bodies. Plastics in ocean breakdown into micro elements which are then ingested by fish and these poisonous elements thus enters enter (a number of subject-verb disagreements) the food chain. For example, in a recent article by United Nations Environment Program, revealed that the world uses 500 billion plastic bags in a year and around 8 million tonnes of non-recyclable plastics are dumped into ocean each year killing sea birds and aquatic animals. The only way to save these species, the report claims, is to ban these plastics. (The example is adequate to explain the problems caused by plastic bags. However, it is inadequate to explain the IDEA – Ban the plastic bags.)

However, plastics cannot be completely banned as the comfort associated with using these bags in transporting wide array of purchased item is equally incomparable. So thicker plastic bags which can be recycled and reused should be produced. Along with that government should try to change the consumer behavior of simply throwing out these plastic bags around and should encourage public to reuse and discard properly so that recycling is made easier (the sentence is already too long) and a well structured recycling chain should be ensured. In addition, increasing the cost of plastic bags will force people to reuse it them (subject-pronoun disagreement) and it even encourages people to use bags made of other degradable materials such as paper and cloth material whenever possible. (Well-written, clearly expressed and explained ideas.)

To conclude a total ban on plastic below a certain level of thickness is crucial to reduce pollution and to protect our environment. Others measures such as changing the behavior of people by raising awareness about the effects of plastic pollution and and encouraging reuse and recycling will greatly help to reduce plastic pollution. Government and other social groups should take concerted steps in tackling plastic pollution that threatens our environment. (The conclusion is already too long. You can avoid the last sentence.)

Total Words = 438. Too long for an IELTS exam. This will consume a lot of time and may compromise your ability to answer task 1 adequately.

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