IELTS Cue Card March 2018: Your Favourite Season.

Talk about your favorite season. Please say

– What season is it?
– What is the weather like?
– What kind of activities do you do in this season?
– Why you do like this season the most?


I live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. My city witnesses severe winters and really pleasant summers. So, I love the summer season which runs from the months of May to July.

Summer in Canada is characterized by the cool breeze as compared to winters, which are harsh and have extreme blizzards. This season witnesses high temperature in the range of 40 degrees Celcius. Despite high temperature and dry weather with little or no rainfall, the cool breeze makes the weather pleasant.

Ottawa is one of the best places to spend summer time with family and friends. Since this season is characterized by a month of holidays, I prefer spending this time with my family in camping in the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, I love spending time swimming across the Rideau river and sit on the banks of the beautiful river for countless hours.

Summer season in Canada is never harsh, and it marks the growth of life. The vegetation turns green and animals become active. The days are long and the nights are short. This allows me to spend quality time enjoying with my family and friends. I really love this season.

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