Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Many Museums Charge for Admission.

Many museums charge for admissions while others are free.

Do you think the advantage of charging people to museums outweigh the disadvantage?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


There is a clash of opinions whether or not a museum should put an entry ticket on its audience. I strongly agree with the view that a museum should follow ticketing policy because it will not only help in carrying out maintenance of museums but also it will limit the majority of stray audience. (This essay is an amalgamation of OPINION and Adv/Disadv essay. You are not supposed to take extreme sides. Explained in the video.)

Firstly, maintenance of museums is a key feature in preserving the golden heritage and invaluable culture cultural artifacts, and it requires considerable resources (Please link the topic – maintenance and money in the opening sentence). Maintenance includes cleanliness of the building, surveillance of ancient marvels as well as security and insurance of against any damage. All these factors demand financial assistance and a government alone can not afford such expenses of for thousands of museums out there in a country, . This forcing forces museum authorities to think of resort to public ticketing. For example, a report in London Times in 2014 revealed that a dramatic level of development is observed in twenty local museums, who which put tickets of 5 pounds per person, within a year as compared to those museums that allowed free entry. (A proper context is maintained only if you compare PAID with FREE.)

(The idea is clearly mentioned in the opening sentence. It is well explained with an example in the following sentences. There are some task response, cohesion and lexical resource issues.)

Moreover, a stray audience is the biggest challenging (challenge is similar to threat) threat to any museum and its magnificiant valuable contents. Such groups of wanderers, who have no interest in the museum and historical arts and as well as heritage, not only exploit violate/ disturb (wrong word choice – exploit) a museum’s calm environment by making noise but also damage its precious heritage by abusive handling and playing within the museum territory. The only way to restrict such people is by charging their entry fees and putting insurance claims upon them in case of any damage. For instance, in 2015 there is was a sudden decline in the percentage of young university students, who visit the museum for free entertainment and play, after the announcement of 7 pounds ticket per person at the Queen’s museum in London.

(You’re supposed to discuss the disadvantages as well. Explained in the video.)

In conclusion, charging people for admissions in museums is equally beneficial in terms of carrying out their smooth functioning and in limiting wanderers who had severely damaged the museum property in the recent past.

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