IELTS Speaking Cue Card March 2018: A Photograph of You.

Describe a photograph of you taken by someone else. Please say

– Who took it?
– Where and when was it?
– Describe the photo.


Invest one minute in brainstorming about this topic’s questions. If you’ve not read my advice on developing each answer in a proper way, please read the lesson on speaking.

PLUS, you can implement the idea of collocations in this answer. Here is the link to a truly useful article: Lessons in speaking – collocations.

Let me admit, this is a bit challenging question to brainstorm in 1 minute and effectively deliver in the 2 minutes. Please go through the video above to go through the thinking process.

In the era of smartphones, everyone has access to a camera. Last month, my friends and I traveled to the picturesque peaks of the Greater Himalayas in Kashmir. We visited the Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh. At this beautiful place with mesmerizing natural beauty, a friend took my picture.

I must admit, it is the only picture that reminds me of the rewarding experience of visiting this marvelous place. The picture was taken with a wide lens professional Kodak camera. It captured me in a moment of exhilaration and excitement in near the lake. However, the more interesting part is the clear, blue water of the lake with an arid landscape around it. There are no human establishments. The time of this picture makes it more beautiful. At that time the Sun was setting and the whole horizon was orange in color. The reflection of an orange Sun in the blue water of the lake presents a truly remarkable mixing of nature’s colors.

Follow-up Questions:

  1. Do you like taking photographs? Well, I’m not a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures with my phone’s camera. I usually take pictures of anything I find interesting. It may be an event or a tree.
  2. Do you think people take photographs too frequently in a Selfie culture? Yes. I believe people take photographs too frequently and this often has an unintended consequence of not being aware of immediate surroundings. Some people meet with an accident while taking an ill-timed selfie.
  3. Is there a difference between professional and amateur photography? There is a huge difference between the two types of photography. While professional photography is done using a wide lens, high-resolution camera, amateur photography is carried out using a normal camera.
  4. Can you tell the difference in quality? While a professional photograph is clear and catches the perfect moment, an amateur photograph misses that perfect moment. It lacks expression.

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