IELTS Essay, Task 2: Buildings – Functionality VS Design.

Some think that buildings should be constructed with functionality in mind, as it is more important than design. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words only.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION your opinion. Give reasons supporting your opinion.)

Modern building architecture focuses on both functionalities of the structures and elegant designs that attract everyone. I strongly believe that a building should be constructed with functionalities in mind since they help people feel comfortable, provide equal access to all citizens irrespective of their age or abilities, and make structures safer. 

Body Paragraph 1: (Explain Comfort)

A building is constructed to make its occupants feel comfortable. Architects design these structures with proper ventilation so that there is proper flow of fresh air that makes people feel better. An elegant design with poor ventilation is certainly undesirable. For example, buildings in India are constructed with windows that allow a flow of fresh air in every room. Moreover, buildings should be constructed for adequate lighting such that all corners receive natural light. Such functionality not only reduces electricity expenses but also keeps the inhabitants healthy. 

Body Paragraph 2: (Explain Equal Access and Safety.)

Buildings based on functionality promote productivity of their occupants. Construction of disabled friendly ramps, lifts, and doors is vital for a structure. This is certainly more important than aesthetics since buildings are made for people’s use. Similarly, they should be constructed such that children and the elderly do not have to travel much. More importantly, an important function of a building is to ensure the safety of its occupants. All buildings should have a structure that provides easy access to firefighters, for instance. Saving the life of an individual is more important than the design of a building. Similarly, all buildings must have stairs so that people can use them in event of an emergency when lifts are not functional.

Conclusion: (Conclude the answer)

In conclusion, buildings should be constructed to make the life of their occupants easier and safer. No design consideration should take precedence over the functionality of buildings. These are the spaces that hold the key to human productivity and efficiency.

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