IELTS Speaking, Cue Card March 2018: Recent Development Undertaken in Your Area.

Describe a recent development undertaken in your area. Please say

– What is it?
– What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
– Do you like the idea behind it? Why?


Invest one minute in brainstorming about this topic’s questions. If you’ve not read my advice on developing each answer in a proper way, please read the lesson on speaking.

PLUS, you can implement the idea of collocations in this answer. Here is the link to a truly useful article: Lessons in speaking – collocations.

I live in northern part of Beijing which is infamous for a notoriously high level of air pollution. Recently, the residents of my locality decided to reduce the pollution in the area voluntarily.

The residents association’s members held a meeting to discuss the alarming level of pollution which is harming children and the elderly the most. All members decided to reduce the use of private vehicles on at least two days of the week and carpool with others during rest of the days.

The idea has been in force for the last two weeks and it has several advantages. Firstly, it has reduced the air pollution in our area. This is evident from the ease with which everyone can breathe the air. Secondly, it has reduced expenses for every household. Earlier, everyone was spending a significant amount of income on personal transport. Carpooling and public transport are much cheaper. 

However, this idea has one major disadvantage. It has increased the time of travel from source to destination. The average travel time of all residents has increased by 30 minutes every day.

I personally love this idea since a healthy body is the most important asset a human possesses. We must ensure clean air for the present as well as future generations at any cost. I believe, the 30 minutes of extra travel time that everyone has to bear is a small cost for cleaner air.

Follow-up Questions:

  1. Should a government be responsible for all developmental activities in an area? Why or why not?
  2. Should public money be spent on developing sports complexes? Why?

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