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IELTS Essay Correction: Air Travel Should Grow Without a Limit.

Some people think that air travel should grow without a limit, while others believe that the government should limit it. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Many people prefer an aeroplane in order to travel from one place to another due to its speed and convenience. While some people claim that air travel should be promoted without any limitations since it boosts tourism, others argue that it should be controlled because it pollutes the environment. In my opinion, aircraft traveling should be encouraged because its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks when considering its benefits to a country despite few drawbacks.

Flight traveling promotes tourism. (the sentence is too simple. Moreover, pursuing knowledge is not tourism. Please make the following sentence as idea. Explained in video.) In this day and age, many travellers like to explore the world to pursue knowledge and experience entertainment (excellent parallelism). As aeroplanes are fast and convenient, they people (what does they refer to? Travellers or aeroplanes?) can travel from one country to another country with ease. When tourists visit to a nation, the host country can earn a significantly amount of foreign exchange of sum through hard-currency, which and this indeed boosts the employment (Tourists are not only a source of precious foreign exchange and earnings for the government, but also help in creating jobs that support local people.) tourism industry. For example, flocks of tourists visit Maldives – a small country on the Indian ocean – from different parts of the world by areoplanes. With the promotion of air travel, this country has achieved a tremendous growth over the last decade. This clearly illustrates how it impacts tourism. (You’ve touched the idea of pursuing knowledge; but you didn’t explain it. Moreover, the focus is more on tourism, not on benefits of Air Travel.)

However, the increasing popularity of air travel results in atmosphere air pollution. Aircrafts run by on fossil fuel so- called jet fuel and which pollutes the environment by expelling noxious fumes and carbon dioxide. For instance, according to The International Air Transport Association, the pollution levels from aircraft rose staggeringly by 36% percent over a period of 10 years (which 10 years?). Moreover, The air pollution by flights causes in (results in) climate change, because carbon dioxide can trap heat from the atmosphere, making the environment warm. (Please MENTION that it needs to be controlled. Sample: Thus, governments should place restrictions on air travel and should invest in less polluting modes of transport such as Fast-moving Trains (Maglev trains).)

To conclude, air travel both has both merits and demerits. In my view, it should not be controlled because it flourishes tourism. Pollution from airplanes can be minimised by replacing old engines, installing fuel efficient modern engines and having regular maintenance.

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