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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Eating Sweet Foods Produces Acid in the Mouth.

Eating sweet foods produces acid in the mouth, which can cause tooth decay. (High acid levels are measured by low pH values)

Describe the information below and discuss the implications for dental health.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 7.46.04 PM.jpeg

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The given line graph gives information about the acid levels in mouth after consuming Fruit sugar, Cane sugar and Honey over a time period of 40 minutes of consumption (you’ve correctly written ‘after consuming’ above) and the possibility of tooth decay because of the acid level. Lower the pH value higher the acid level and a pH less than 5.5 increases the likelihood of tooth decay.

Overall, there is a higher chance of tooth decay after consuming cane sugar than that of after consuming fruit sugar and honey. The pH level is at a detrimental level for more than 30 minutes after eating cane sugar which makes it more harmful than any other sugars while for honey it is only about 13 minutes and posses the lowest threat to tooth decay. (This is not an overall statement. Do not present data in this statement. Prefer general/ broad trends only.)

Initially after having while consuming these three sugars the pH level of our mouth is 7 that and it begins to fall with time. With regards to the cane sugar, the pH level plunges to 3.5 after 5 minutes and then it experiences a gradual increase thereafter reaching a pH of 5.5 in half an hour and 7 in 40 minutes of after consumption.

Similarly, consuming fruit sugar drops the pH to nearly 4 within 5 minutes and it remains in the danger level (danger level is not a synonym for tooth decay.) results in tooth decay for 20 minutes. The pH regains reverts back to its initial level in the next 15 minutes (When something comes back to the initial position, there is a way to express that. It reverts back to the original position.). There is a steady decline in pH to below 5 after having honey and it remains there for another 5 minutes and . Thereafter that the pH starts to scale up and reaches 5.5 in less than 13 minutes and back to a pH of 7 in just around 23 minutes of consumption.

Trends are correctly mentioned. Suffer from some sentence structuring, lexical resource (wrong words used) issues.

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