IELTS Essay Task 2, March 2018: Verticle City with Multiple Tall Buildings VS Horizontal City with Fewer Tall Buildings.

Some people believe that it is better to live and work in a vertical city with multiple tall buildings, as compared to a horizontal city with fewer tall buildings. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic with a general statement and MENTION the reasons supporting each view. STATE your opinion.)

With rapid urbanization, people are moving into cities at an unprecedented scale. While some people believe it is better to live in a city with numerous tall buildings since land is a scarce resource, others think that living in a horizontal city is better as it provides more space to live and exerts lesser pressure on resources. I agree with the former view.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN reasons supporting view 1)

With growing human population and rapid urbanization of the world, the land is becoming a scarce resource. On a fixed area of land, people need not only a house to live but also parks, schools, hospitals, malls, and sports complexes. This is possible only in a city with a large number of tall buildings. The populations of Mumbai and Beijing, for instance, have grown by more than 100 percent during the last decade. This population needs houses and supporting infrastructure which can only be achieved by constructing tall buildings.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN reason supporting view 2)

On the flip side, massive construction of tall buildings reduces space for each citizen. A city with a horizontal landscape has more individual space available and this increases the quality of life of an individual. Moreover, this allows a city to expand and reduces pressure on the central part of the city. As the city expands and new areas develop, each area is self-sustainable and there is a manageable pressure on institutions such as schools and hospitals. This also results in a fewer number of cars blocking traffic in an area.

Conclusion: (EXPLAIN your opinion)

In conclusion, despite the benefits of a horizontal development of a city, vertical development is inevitable in the modern world. Growing human population has made tall buildings a necessity so that all members of the society can be accommodated in a reasonably sized, economically cheap dwelling unit. With skyrocketing land prices, this is possible only in a vertical city.

Total Words = 302.

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  1. Hii sir

    I’m one of your big fans, i love reading your essays. However, I ‘m abit doubtful about Task achievement score in this particular essay since i feel that topic demands view about better life and work. As in BP2, you accurately focus on life.

    I most probably, it will be my misconception, albeit, I want you to relook this essay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jasvir, thank you for raising this point. The BP 1 is about “why living in a vertical city is good” – because it has parks, schools, etc (supporting infrastructure). I agree with you that I could have written more clearly.

      Let me give a few ideas:

      1. Vertical cities have workplaces close to the place of residence and people have to spend less time in traveling. Consequently, their work productivity increases which enhances the economic output of a region.

      2. Vertical cities have more parks, hospitals, malls and sports complexes as lesser space is allocated to housing. Mumbai, for instance, is a vertical city with a greater number of hospitals and malls than Delhi which is a horizontal city.

      I hope this helps. Keep pointing out anything I miss. I’m a human. 🙂


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