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IELTS Essay Correction: Because of Computers and Mobiles, Letter Writing Ability is Disappearing.

Some people think that because of computers and mobiles, the letter writing ability is disappearing. To what extent do you agree?

Here is a similar question discussed a few days ago:

Some people think that the increasing use of computers and mobile phones for communication has a negative effect on young people’s reading and writing skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Electronic gadgets such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones are being used widely for almost every communication ranging from inviting a friend to sending a notice to a co-worker in the company. It is believed by some Some people believe (prefer active voice) that letter writing skills are being influenced badly due to this increasing use of digital media. I completely agree with this view as the use of digital media deteriorates the users’ linguistic ability as well as their handwriting. (Clearly mentioned general statement. Well-written opinion and reasons.)

Communication has become faster, cheaper and more convenient from past a few decades since one can now write to a person sitting in the other corner of the world in just one click through mobiles and laptops. (This sentence is meant for an introduction. In the body paragraph, you should strike at the reasons. STATE the first reason in the first sentence.) Such an instant communication demands instant and fast replies to maintain the harmony of the communication process (Merge the two sentences to write the idea clearly: The use of mobile devices to communicate instantly has increased the need for fast and short replies.). This has given birth to various abbreviations such as GM for good morning and TY for thank you (good and specific explanation.). Not only this Moreover, the auto-correction feature in advanced mobiles electronic devices also encourage people not to remember spellings or grammar rules, in particular, as mobiles can automatically correct the mistakes related to spellings, sentence structures or punctuation marks in the text (This is an explanation. Write this as a separate sentence.). This feature automatically corrects spellings, sentence structures, and punctuation mistakes. It leads to the deterioration of languages writing skills when senders start relying on the machines for their writing corrections (auto-correction = rely on machines. This is repetition in different words.) and do not worry themselves (This is vague. What do you mean by WORRY? Be specific. It leads to the deterioration of writing skills since people do not worry about actively improving their language.). Such an attitude, definitely, leads to a poor and faulty article/letter when written offline.

Furthermore, writing an effective letter requires the sender to have a good handwriting which is now being degraded due to the lack of practice among digital media users. This is because, (no comma here) using technological gadgets, especially mobile phones, for almost all the routine tasks from sending a text to searching on google has become our( people’s/individuals’) a habit due to their its convenience. Unfortunately, this has inclined us( them) towards typing on keypad (You’ve mentioned this in the previous sentence. Now move to the next part of explanation) and This has deviated people away from writing with their hands. A survey on the (the article is with IT company, not the U.K) UK based IT company revealed an appalling result that more than 70% percent of the employees were not able to produce a legible piece of writing as most of their personal and work interactions were online. (A well-constructed example.)

In conclusion, it is highly unfortunate that the technological gadgets such as mobiles and tabs, tablets, which are offering us numerous advantages, are also snatching our skills required for writing a good letter by emerging us in their own new method of writing which includes abbreviations, shorter and wrong spellings, and wrong sentence formations.

(You can write a different conclusion. 1. Based on FUTURE. 2. Based on SOLUTION. Discuss with me.)

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