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IELTS Essay Correction: Maintaining Public Libraries is a Waste of Money.

Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology is now replacing their functions. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

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Although online books and technology of computers (EITHER specify how “technology of computers” is different from “online books” OR avoid this.) are overtaking the functioning of public libraries (Wrong comparison: online books can’t be compared to functioning. Compare apples with apples. Although the number of online books has exceeded the number of books in public libraries, ……) at to a large extent, maintaining libraries the existence of them (this is a weird construction. Indirect.) is definitely not the waste of money and resources. I believe that public libraries are a source of connecting and serving people as they (a pronoun always refers to the nearest noun. In this case: people.) the libraries can be easily accessed by everyone when computer are not available. so government should put efforts for maintaining them. (You’ve already said this in the first sentence “not a waste of …….”)

(You need to seriously work on the introduction.)

Undoubtedly, most books are available online and can be easily downloaded. Also, they the electronic books can be read anywhere and anytime with the help of modern technology. Different softwares are available for computers and smartphones which make reading books and accessing information very convenient. (You should use this space to explain your view. “Public libraries should be maintained”. Explain the benefits of public libraries.) Unfortunately, (How can this be UNFORTUNATE? This is your view.) in different side, there are some facilities which are only available in public libraries such as (Wrong use of such as. It exemplifies the word it is connected to. Here it gives examples of public libraries and not facilities) academic environment, ancient books, and research references (Public libraries provide certain facilities such as academic environment, ancient books and research references that are not available online.). A lot of books are only available in libraries but not electronically such as (another wrong use of such as) historical or holistic holy books (A number of books such as historical and holy books are available in libraries only and not online.). These books are of great importance for the cultural values of people. So it is mandatory to save such resources by maintaining libraries. 

(Need to restructure this paragraph to meet question’s requirements.)

Another reason to disagree with the fact of wastage of money is that Moreover, (Moreover = Another reason ……. is that.) public libraries serve people from all income groups (economic backgrounds) all kinds of people which means people of all income groups who can borrow books and get information without any cost which is not same in case of technology (write one idea in one sentence. Reserve this sentence for libraries. Mention technology in the next sentence.). Downloading books and reading online is not free all the time. Annual subscription is charged for softwares software (plural of software is software.) such as kindle. Moreover, libraries are a source of scientific research as well. The research work of people, for instance, journals are only available at libraries For example, several journals for agriculture and social science are available in libraries only and can not be found online.

(None of the IDEAS in the above paragraph are well explained.)

In conclusion, due to technology people prefer convenience even in reading sources but I personally consider that there is a need to spend money to maintain public libraries and government should allocate budget for preserving them spend money on them.

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